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 Site Rules

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Maiko Rhymphados

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PostSubject: Site Rules    Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:23 pm

Site Rules

Okay here were going to go over a few rules that I need you to follow in order for you to be able to stay on Birth By Sleep. These rules are here to ensure that everyone has a good time while you're here, which is what I as head admin hope to deliver to all of you.

Respect: You will treat others with respect no matter what their rank is. As a normal member I would expect that you show each other the same type of respect as you would like yourself to receive. Don't ever forget the golden rule, and if you have a problem with someone don't make fun of them or tell other people bad things about them, bring it up with an Admin or moderator, or even the person in question, so that it can be taken care of. Admins and Moderators do as much as they can to make sure this place runs well so please don't nag us to do things. I will personally make sure no one is being lazy and they will be replaced if need be, but don't be disrespectful just because something is taking longer than you want it too.

Language: Honestly I'm sure we're all at least somewhat mature, so I know you can and probably will swear. So go ahead, we don't care here, as long as its not so excessive to the point where its so annoying or disrespectful that people can't stand you at all. More specifically, racism is not allowed here. If you are seen using serious racist language, or dont stop after being asked to stop joking, here you will only be given 1 warning before disciplinary actions will be taken.

Spamming: No one likes a spammer. It gets really annoying and is quite frankly immature. If you really want to spam go to the out of character section (OOC) and make a spam topic, talk about whatever you want or just keep posting the same thing over and over again, whatever floats your boat. If you are caught spamming in the chatbox you will be given a warning to stop and if you persist you will be banned from the chatbox for x amount of time. x=however long the one banning you feels like banning you.

Advertising: We would love for you to advertise your site here. However, advertising in the chatbox is prohibited. You may pm someone a link to a site or you can go down to our advertisement section and post your advertisement there. Also if you'd like to affiliate, there is a section where you can affiliate with us and we can form a family of sites that are connected Very Happy

Killing/Death: This information will be reiterated later but you might as well read it once more just so you know. If your topic is not marked with [NK] then killing is enabled in your topic and you can die, so be careful. Whatever race you are, where you die depends on where you soul goes.
Death in Human World - soul goes to dream world
Death in Dream World - soul goes to Hell

Characters: Here there is a 1 character limit per account rule. Also for the sake of not overrunning the site with unused character's, there is a 3 character limit per person. You may have up to 3 character which we would like you to stay active on each and if you want more you can purchase a new character slot from the Soul Market. Anyone caught making a 4th character without a purchase will be punished, we can check IP's if we have too.

Acceptance/Approval: You can't start to role play until your character is accepted. We will reply to your character profile as soon as possible to tell you if you are accepted or if you need to do some more work. When getting either a magical weapon and its spells approved or getting an ability and its spells approved it requires 2 approvals from staff, preferably a mod who check over and then an admin with the final decision. We don't have a list of banned ability types but if your ability is deemed OP then it's not worth arguing, the staff has the final say.

Activity: Be active, if not you'll lose your rank, unless you post in the Leave of Absence Board or tell a Mod/Admin. You must have a really good reason like your house exploded or your computer gained artificial intelligence and is trying to destroy the world so you're doing everything in your power to keep it from leaving your house. Okay? Something like that. With that said we are understand of your real life problems, all you need to do is let us know.

Warnings: If you are warned by a Mod/Admins these are the general rule of thumb that our staff will use though they do not have to follow this strictly.
  • 1st Offense: Warning.
  • 2nd Offense: Kick from Chat OR 1 hour ban.
  • 3rd Offense: 1-Day Ban.
  • 4th Offense: 1-Week Ban.
  • 5th Offense: Permanent.

Meta-gaming/Overpowering/Godmodding: If you don't already know, Meta-gaming is giving your RP character information about another character that they should not know. Just because you in real life know it does not mean your character does. They would have to find out through rping. You cant simply force knowledge into your character. Overpowering, commonly known simply as being OP, is also not allowed. You can become a strong and formidable opponent without having to make an ability that is literally overpowering to the point where its unstoppable, undodgeable etc. Lastly Godmodding. This should be self explanatory but for those who don't know what it is, its literally making yourself like a god; you dodge every attack and your strikes are all extremely deadly. There is such thing as stat advantage or simply having more rp'ing skill than someone, but this does not mean you can make yourself out to be a unstoppable.

Auto hitting/Dodging: While in combat you need to make sure you are careful of what you say and do, you cannot automatically hit someone without giving them a chance to post a way to escape. If there really is no way of them escaping and in their post they make it seem as if they won't escape then you are free to hit them but do not simply say you hit them right away. Dodging is perfectly fair when it is in the bounds of reality. If your character is fast enough or the attack is slow enough or small enough then you can and may dodge as often as you want but there has been no battle in history where someone has fought another and never even been touched, things like that are unheard of. Please don't dodge literally everything because doing this would normally fall under Godmodding.

Romance: Here we allow you to peruse any kind of relationship you want. Whether it be gay, straight or bisexual, we don't really care and if someone is making fun of you for your sexual orientation, please alert an admin and it will be taken care of. You could have a romance between two dreams, two humans, demon, you could even try to make one across realms (though you might find it difficult and confusing). Kissing, hugging and moderate touching are fine in normal topics as they are usual forms of PDA (Public display of affection). But if you wish to get more into it you must mark your topic with the tag [NC] or [18+] to alert readers they may encounter some sensitive reading material.
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Site Rules
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