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 Stat's and Tiers

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Maiko Rhymphados

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PostSubject: Stat's and Tiers   Fri Sep 28, 2012 9:37 pm

Statistical Guide

Here we have our stats broken down into five categories which will represent the condition of your characters battle related traits, these are the different stat categories and their abbreviations and meanings.

  • Strength (Str) - The strength stat tells how physically strong your character is, though this does not change their physique. ex. You could be immensely powerful yet look thin, or fat.
  • Speed (Spd) - The speed stat tells how fast your character is able to run, how mobile they are, and how well your character is able to read movements and react.
  • Stamina (Sta) - The stamina stat tells how much physical endurance your character has, allowing them to fight for longer period of time. Also tells how well your character is able to take a hit and keep going.
  • Mana (Mana) - The mana stat tells how large a pool of mana your character has too work with. The larger the pool of mana, the larger the amount of spells you can cast. With low mana your character physically tires themselves out by casting large amounts of magic.
  • Magic (Mag) - The magic stat tells how well a character is in touch with his/her abilities. Giving them a large understanding of how their power works can allow for more powerful spells.

With these 5 different stat categories there are different levels within those five and they are broken down like this:

Weak - 1pt.
Poor - 2pts.
Below Average - 3pts.
Average - 4pts.
Above Average - 5pts.
Advanced- 6pts.

Tier 1:
Great - 7pts.
Super Human - 8pts.

Tier 2:
Excellent - 9pts.
Master - 10pts.

Tier 3:
God-like - 11pts.
Maximum - 12pts.

World Ending - 13pts.

When creating a character your stats will start out at average, and its up to you to change your stats to define what sort of skill set your character will have from there. When choosing your stats, you may decide to either start with Average in all stats (20 points), or distribute 17 points in stats of your choosing. A starting character stat cannot go higher than Advanced.

Tier Guide

The tier system is in place to show a rank of a character and also do diversify the site a little bit more. For each tier level you have unlock you gain a (+1) to your stats that will stay there and interact like a normal stat level. This (+1) for being tier 1, (+2) for being tier 2 and (+3) for being tier 3 means you have an extra stat level for each respective number. For example if you have all average stats but you are tier 1 they will be treated as above average.

Tier 1: Cost's 10,000 Experience and requires 100+ posts. You will now be able to upgrade your stats too Great and Super Human.

Tier 2: Cost's 30,000 Experience and requires 250+ posts. You will now be able to upgrade your stats too Excellent and Master.

Tier 3: Cost's 50,000 Experience and requires 350+ posts. You will now be able to upgrade your stats too God-like and Maximum.
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Stat's and Tiers
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